Anaïs Southiphong is a French photographer and art director born in 1991 in Lyon.
 She graduated from the Gobelins School of image (Paris) in 2015 as a graphic designer and has been working in the fashion, digital and retail industry for 6 years between London and Paris. She is currently living and working in Paris.

After spending a couple of years as a graphic designer as well as a concept photo director for web content at River Island and Oh my love in London, she came back to France to work full time as a lead photographer at My jolie candle. Specialising in artistic direction and set design, she now works as a freelancer.

She employs photography by exploring everyday life, the nuances of the gesture and movement to find the inner and modern beauty through her lens.

Connecting intuitively with the subjects and the brands spirit that she collaborates with, which constitutes her main goal while working.
 She is fascinated with vibrant colors, textures, the world of femininity, transcending her vision in her editorial, commissioned work and still life.

Currently available for new projects.